Video: Ebola Outbreak Crisis Continues, ISIS is Winning, Democrats Denounce Obama

The Obama Administration told us there was very little chance of a case getting to the U.S.–wrong! Then they told us there was little chance of it becoming an epidemic–again, wrong! If that was the case, the head of Health and Human Services would not be saying there may be other Ebola cases in the U.S. Also, the head of the CDC would not be comparing Ebola to the AIDS crisis. This is a big problem folks, and the Obama Administration is getting it wrong–again. The IMF says the crisis will cost more than billion to fight.

The war with ISIS is going pretty well, if you are in the ISIS army that is growing by more than 3,000 fighters per month. The bombing campaign is weak at best, and now ISIS is looking like it will take the border town of Kobani despite the 14 reported airstrikes by the U.S. Yes, you heard right, just 14 reported air strikes, and that just isn’t doing much to stop the terror army of ISIS.

This brings me to my next observation and that is top Democrats are throwing President Obama under the bus. Top Democrat and former Defense Secretary and head of the CIA, Leon Panetta, is out with a new book, and it is very critical of President Obama’s policies in the Middle East. He also said he told the President the night of the Benghazi terror attack that it was “terrorists,” not protesters. Add to the list Former President Bill Clinton and former President Jimmy Carter, who also had negative things to say about Obama policies, and you have unprecedented criticism of a Democratic President from Democrats!!!

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